Leaving for Airport now!

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Hi all,

Hoping you’ll forgive us for not writing! I’m (Jiji) leaving for the airport in 10 minutes and I haven’t been able to update this blog as I’d like. I would have liked to put up the post and pics of our camping trip- first time the entire team (5 of us) got together & did a really hard walk, then camped at Mt. Solitary in the Blue Mountains, then did a really hard walk back out the next day.

Also, when we return, we’ll put up photos of the Fundraising Dinner that was such a huge success, as you can see from our TWO fundraising thermometers now! We’re well on our way for 2 Mobile Clinics thanks to your generous support!

Well, I’m here to say goodbye on behalf of the team. Frank & I are leaving today, Sheena, Mic, & Julia are leaving next Sunday. Frank & I are doing some volunteer work in an orphanage and teaching English in a high school while the rest arrive halfway through and acclimatise to the altitude of Xining (the capital city 2,200m).

We’ll meet as a team on the 3rd Oct, then do a training climb hopefully, with Philip from LOVEQTRA (who’s organisation we are raising money for), and his friend Carl.

We are supposed to start the climb on the 5th and Summit Day is supposed to be the 8th!

We’ll relay information to friends who will update this blog for us, even if it’s just via sms.

Thanks for reading & log in often! www.adventure4aid.com

Signing off,



One Response

  1. Yay!

    Have fun and stay safe.
    Promise to log in often.

    PS. Just saw your note that one of your sponsors is 104 years old!

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