1Oct’11- Off to Qinghai soon…

Aloha all,

I’m heading to Qinghai in a day’s time with a great and motivated team, to spend some time with kids in the 1st and largest orphanage in Qinghai, and teach English in a local school. The kids at the school are all children of nomad families, in similar circumstances to the ones whom would be helped by our Mobile Clinic. This is the same volunteer work Frank (from the climbing team) and I were doing last year before the big climb.

After this, I’ll be going to check out the Mobile Clinic  that all of you helped to raise funds for (with another team member Maggie). I want to see the success and administration of the first one first, before I do anything about a second Clinic. The balance of the funds are in the Rotary Trust account.

Be assured, I will be keeping in contact about how your hard-earned money is being spent.
Will write soon…


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  1. Exciting. Have an amazing time and much encouragement and learning from He who leads the team!

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