10km Training Hike- Seaforth to Davidson Park, Roseville Chase

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I’m blessed enough to have friends who will support (or humour) my dreams… and go for 10k hikes with me to train. Saturday was PERFECT weather for hiking, the sun wasn’t beaming down but it wasn’t too cool yet either. Got out the old Scarpa Boots. Sheena, one of the walkers is having foot surgery in May (!) but despite my protests, insisted she was fine with her foot strapped. Her boots hadn’t been used for so long, they were mouldy!     Those who came were Katherine, Sheena, Darjee, Lee San and her colleague, Desmond.      

The hike was rated 4/6 “hard”, and supposed to only take 4hrs but that doesn’t take into account lunch & photos, so we ended up taking 6hrs! At least we made it out before sundown. Some parts were harder, some pretty cruisy, but I guess these ratings are for all ages & abilities.       

Most of us didn’t consider it ‘hard’. It was a really nice mix of bushtracks, steps, views, water, uphills & downhills. The buildings across the water in the Bantry Bay pic, were used by Public Works and the Australian Navy during WWII as a premium storage facility for merchant’s explosives between 1915 and 1974. Wow, what you can learn on a hike.       

The markers (arrows) left a lot to be desired. At one section after a water crossing, we were at crossroads and we figured the marker was pointing the complete opposite direction to where we were supposed to be heading. We know this because of our expert wilderness survival positioning; and that we emerged at the other end where our car was!            

The walk passes water crossings, lush ferns and other interesting flora, and also a nice secluded beach called Flat Rock  Beach, but in the interest of getting out before sundown, we didn’t stop. Maybe next time we can start earlier, now that we’ve done it once, & stop for a swim.                             

So anyway, we were glad to make it out while it was still light, then headed off to the Chelsea in Chatswood for an $8 steak or schnitzel or bangers & mash- not bad eh……and a cocktail or three.       

Anyone who would like to know details of the track, please email me on info@adventure4aid.com



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3 Responses

  1. Hi Jeej
    It’s looking great!!! Looks like you’ve had fun hiking!
    When will you have another one?

  2. WOW! That lunch spot looked awesome. What a view.

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