8 Oct – Back from the mountain

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~ Message from the Oz Home Team translated from the Jiji’s SMS ~

(from an SMS 10 October at 3:59am Sydney Time)

We are back and everyone is safe.  We are currently at Golmud now (major town near the Yuzhu Peak).

The team made a tough decision to turn around short of the summit because of bad weather and the hour of the day.  It has been quite intense and we pushed our boundaries both emotionally and physically.

We will write more detail if we can when we are back in Xining but we want to report that we are safely off the mountain first.


3 Responses

  1. Received your latest news from Luke today at the closet. Thankful to Daddy for safety and journeying mercies to yourself, Frank and group. Probably in need of R and R of the type whilch refreshes body and soul.

    You made it! Made your statement, and ambulance on the way!

    See you soon. Yay Jeej and Frank!

  2. I suggest you share your experience with others by writing a story about it or in diary format.I will translate it into Chinese for you.

  3. Congratulations! A Great Effort! Well done Sheena and the team!

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