Mystery (climber) Mic, from Queensland

Hey everyone – it’s Mystery-Mic from Queensland, howzit all going??? Just wanted to drop a line and contribute to the site.

Looking forward to our ‘little’ adventure ( even though it’s not a holiday :{- but alas, still a memorable trip???hopefully)

To update you all on my training “plans” and current activity…my weeks look like this:

6km walk in the AM Tue, Wed, Thu & Fri and gym Wed and Sat PM –

next week I will be introducing swimming to Tue / Thu and eventually Mon & Fri PM and building up to a 10kg pack for my walks.

My biggest hurdle at the moment is diet so I making this priority #1.

My gym workouts involve basic power movements like squats, cleans and deadlifts but unfortunately at this stage i am geographically challenged when it comes to ‘practice hikes’

I want be able to get an overall fitness level by end September and will continue this regime until end July, saving the last two months for more specialised training.

Not knowing how affected I will be by the altitude is a concern.

Now fundraising…i will be approaching past and current employers to assist with prizes for the Fundraising Dinner in August as well as offering up my own services in the form of a free A3 portrait as a prize. I’m also planning a brochure blitz on the locals here but unfortunately I am in a very small town so not the same scale as you guys in Sydney. I have a couple of other ideas i want fine tune a bit and see if they can fly…keep u posted.



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