What is Adventure 4 Aid ?

 A d v e n t u r e   f o r   A i d  

   ... is a dream that is in the process of being realised- TOTALLY COOL ADVENTURES WITH A PURPOSE! While I was recovering in hospital, late 2009, after returning from China, it became more than just a concept, and I began rubbing my hands together at the prospect of actually putting it into action after I recovered.

I wanted to climb mountains and do lots of other cool, but challenging stuff, and realised I could climb for a cause, not just have a holiday!

My name is Jiji Lee and I’m an Australian-born Chinese. I’ve been volunteering in remote Qinghai (pronounced ‘ching-high’), the second-poorest province in China, every year since 2004, and lived there for many months. I’ve taught English in two provinces in China, organised and overseen the donation and installation of several community projects.

Why climb a mountain? I’ve found that people are, strangely, more willing to part with their hard-earned money if they know you are suffering for it! It is a symbol, a challenge, that in itself has brought more exposure to the needs of the region than simply asking for the money (although there is nothing wrong with that!)

I’ve formed a small team from Australia and we are preparing to do a fundraising climb of 6,178 metre Mount Yuzhu (pronounced ‘you joo’) in Qinghai Province , in October 2010.

All funds we raise from sponsorship will go to the…..

R U R A L  A M B U L A N C E /  M O B I L E  C L I N I C  S E R V I C E  


that will give nomads in remote, mountainous regions of Qinghai, access to life-saving medical care in the Red Cross hospital… access that they have just as much right to as those who live in the city. 

** QINGHAI was hit by an earthquake on the 14th April 2010 and is still in the long process of rebuilding community and lives. The area covered by ambulance/mobile clinic service includes the earthquake zone. **

Mt. Yuzhu (6,178m) photo courtesy of Gordon Ye

If the Adventures continue after 2010, I will pick fun but challenging expeditions, and worthy projects from a variety of organisations (in Qinghai for now).

After browsing the photos below, please click on these to find out more:

The Problem 

A Solution

More about Jiji

You can help by sponsoring the team! Any amount is welcome.

Please visit the “How can I Help” page of this website


Thanks for visiting this site,

Jiji Lee

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5 Responses

  1. will be keeping up with your snazzy blog. 🙂

    Keep up the good work Jeej!

  2. Thx Viener! Nice to hear from U! Wish U could’ve come, it’d be awesome to climb with U! Take care 🙂

  3. This is great!
    Will chip in where I can.
    Let me know!

  4. The time has arrived for plans to be put into actions on QH challenges. May you be given health and wisdom.

    Good to keep up with the news.

    Prayers and thoughts.

  5. Jiji!! You really have done a great job!! Comparing to you, we are all so “small”!!!! Good on you!!
    Kathy Lo

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