The Problem

Qinghai province, NW China, forms a part of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. With an average elevation of 3000 metres, many nomads live in grassland areas beyond 4000m, with long winter months (-45°C). Because they are traditionally nomadic animal herders, and live in hard-access mountain areas, they do not get proper medical care.

The earthquake on 14th April 2010 has made this issue of medical access all the more urgent, and brought it to the world’s attention.

Most of their medical conditions can be treated at Xining hospital (capital city) with properly trained doctors and equipment, but due to:

1. Long and inhibitive distance to the hospital (8-12 hour journey on dirt road)

2. Inhibitive medical cost,

many nomads delay seeking proper medical attention in Xining until it is too late.

Common conditions plaguing these highlanders are pneumonia, sexually transmitted diseases, hepatic and pulmonary hydatidosis (liver and lung infestation of worms due to prolonged consumption of uncooked meat. Boiling point here is lower than at sea level, so meats are uncooked), hernia, tetanus, birth-related complication, loss of blood due to accidents etc.

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