Progress Update- Refund

Hi there all Donors and Sponsors,

It has been a while since you last heard from me regarding the status of the vehicle. As in the previous update when I went to inspect the vehicle and medical work in situ– in Yushu, Qinghai- the  site  of the earthquake, despite  not having a properly functioning  mobile  clinic, the  medical work has never stopped.

Currently, the work still continues in a city van, and is sufficient for county town to county town, where it is doing real good; but cannot reach the nomads  higher in the grasslands, where they need it more.

It is important for us to remember that this is Qinghai’s FIRST MOBILE CLINIC. This has not been done before, and therefore, this is the first time for ALL  the people involved  in this project.

Refund- Progress!!

After repeated mechanical problems, which put staff and volunteers at risk on the high, snowy, mountainous terrain, LOVEQTRA demanded  a full refund of our vehicle from JAC, the manufacturer.

After many months of LENGTHY and delicate negotiations with this giant corporation, JAC (miraculously) finally admitted their error by taking their faulty vehicles back and gave LOVEQTRA a refund minus the cost on in-fitting.  It took them another six months to send the  refund.

I say miraculously because  no one would ever dream that a Chinese manufacturer or seller would take their product back.  

Next Step Forward

As we can imagine, LOVEQTRA are anxious to move forward, and has been researching a more reliable vehicle for our Mobile Clinic version 2.  Because of LOVEQTRA’s bad experience the first time, they intend this time to buy international brands like Ford’s Transit, or Iveco, which is obviously more costly.

Why didn’t LOVEQTRA buy an Iveco or Ford Transit in the first place?

In the beginning, LOVEQTRA sought to buy an Iveco (European-made), but the entire Iveco team at that time had moved to JAC and were working on a similar heavy-duty vehicle to Iveco, with all of Iveco’s expertise, at an affordable price, so they purchased  from JAC.

Bad Experience = Blessing in Disguise- HOW?

This has been humbling  for LOVEQTRA to have been through all these hurdles. It is actually a blessing in disguise, because: 

  1. The LOVEQTRA team are now more experienced in what they need (and don’t need), and what to negotiate for.

  2. They are now more experienced with the fitting-out of the medical equipment in the vehicle. The first time round, doctors thought they needed more than they actually do to cope with the high altitude, rough terrain. This means potential cost savings here.

Considerations for our funds

I’ll keep you posted as I get updated from LOVEQTRA about their research for a new, more reliable vehicle. As I mentioned above, we have only been refunded the vehicle cost, less the in-fitting. The new vehicle will cost more, but we can save a bit from more streamlined equipment fitting. We will not have enough for 2 full vehicles of this more reliable brand vehicle. The options worth considering are to use the rest of the funds to pay for medicine for the clinic; or more funds could be raised to make it to 2 vehicles.

Till then,



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  1. Good to know that experience will benefit the project and that there will be a refund! Love Linda Sent from my iPhone

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