3Feb11- Mobile Clinic Update #1 (with photos)

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Hi everyone,

  1. In the period between Christmas 2010 and New Year, LOVEQTRA Qinghai , began negotiations with the JAC manufacturer in Anhui Province. JAC is the brand of vehicle for our Mobile Clinics.

  2. JAC will sell its latest model at off-market cost (exhibited at Guangzhou Car Fair 2010, Guangdong Province). JAC asked LOVEQTRA to bring one primary school girl from Yushu, Qinghai Province (the site of the April’ 10 earthquake), to the Car Fair to attend the press release and handover ceremony, as it would like to sponsor her all the way to university. The vehicle will be available to LOVEQTRA early Feb (after Chinese New Year).

  3. JAC will help infit the Mobile Clinic, under advice from doctors working with LOVEQTRA. Some specialised equipment (eg. blood & urine analysis machine) will be fitted by LOVEQTRA’s contractors.

  4. The people at JAC are very serious about this project, and have made a special trip to Qinghai Province to look for a designated repair shop for the vehicles they sold to LOVEQTRA (they didn’t plan to release to NW China until 2013 originally.)

  5.  The Rotary Club of North Sydney (which is kindly collecting money & issuing tax-deductible receipts  for Adventure4Aid), sent funds to LOVEQTRA Qinghai, for the first Mobile Clinic in early January. 

  6. Guangzhou Car Fair 2010 JAC representatives with Philip Poh (Dir. of LOVEQTRA) & Yushu primary girl, both in traditional Tibetan dress

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2 Responses

  1. Well done Jiji and team! Isn’t it very generous of the JAC company to sponsor a little girl from primary school to university! What a very blessed little child! I trust she will benefit wonderfully from this opportunity! The Rotary Club of North Sydney need thanking too for their continuing commitment and hard work at this end!!

  2. Jeej,
    Resend. The yellow printing does not come out well. Must make it readable at the first pop! xx A/Lin

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