About Jiji

I am an Australian-born Chinese who has a passion to  empower the less fortunate. Since 2004, I have been organising, co-leading, and leading teams every year to volunteer our service and build lasting relationships in Qinghai (pron. ‘ching-high’), the second-poorest province in China. Qinghai was hit by an earthquake on the 14th April 2010, and is still in the long process of rebuilding community, and lives.

Qinghai, high on the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau, is also one of the driest and harshest provinces due to its high altitude (much of QH is above 4000m), fierce Siberian winds, and minus 30° winters. In 2006, I spent seven months there, continuing the same work. My aim to show love and compassion in serving the people of Qinghai, has been long-term.

Some of the projects I am, or have been involved in, include:

◊ Working in an orphanage (90% of the children are disabled).

◊ Teaching English and organising health talks to the community and students in an ethnic minority high school.

◊ Running English Corners for all ages in Qinghai and Shaanxi provinces, China.

◊ Currently building relationships for potential service in medical projects.

◊ Organising donations and delivery of over a thousand solar cookers to some of the poorest, remote villages of various ethnic minorities. These cookers replace expensive and environmentally detrimental coal, which most villagers cannot afford.

◊ Organising donation and installation of a solar hot-water system in a minority school for student-boarders to have hot showers in sub-zero winters.

 ◊ Organising donation and overseeing construction of a primary school for an ethnic minority village.

◊ Organising donation and follow-up of the building of a water filtration unit for a remote mountain village.


I’ve dreamt up Adventure 4 Aid to bring people together to go on Adventures that raise money For Aid where it’s needed most (in Qinghai for now). 

Please browse my site and see if you would like to partner with me in this quest!

T h a n k y o u   f o r   y o u r   T i m e ! ! !


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2 Responses

  1. Hey Ji Ji, I am proud of you and keep up with your great work…..

  2. Hey Jeej!!

    I made it onto ur site – nice work..looks great.

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