17Oct’11- Updates from Jiji – via Frank

Hi All,

I’m Frank – I was part of Jiji’s team last year and this year – I’m going to try to relay sms text messages from where she is and experiencing.  Hopefully my translation of the sms messages will make sense.  Her last entry indicated she was off to Qinghai, and there she would teach English in a local school and then she would be going to checkout the first of the mobile clinics with a friend, Maggie.

Well here is the first entry from her:

6/10/2011 11:00pm

Arrived at Yushu in the afternoon with my friend Maggie.  We have have finished spending 2 weeks at a disabled Orphanage and teaching English in a Nomad School.  Really looking forward to getting some much  needed sleep as we are quite tired.

There is a lot of dust from the continual rebuilding as a result of the earthquake last year, which happened on the 14th April 2010.

Construction is literally everywhere as they rebuild the whole town.  Unfortunately, for us the side effect is we are developing a bad cough from the continual rain of dust.  We cannot escape from its reach, even when we try to sleep in an air-conditioned room it still feels thick with dust in the air.

We hope we will fair better tomorrow, we go to the grasslands with Doctors who usually work on the clinic.



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  1. Concerned and you’re in my thoughts for the renewal of health of you Jiji and Maggie too. May the Doctors who work on the mobile clinic be in the grasslands be available to help.


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