Update 3rd October @ 18:26

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~ Message from the Oz Home Team translated from the Jiji’s SMS ~

The team stayed at Carl’s (our Norwegian Guide/Aide/part time porter) place at Qinghai Lake (3,300m) for the last 2 days to acclimatise.

Yesterday we hiked to 3,900m (with Julia doing 4,400m).  We are all pretty tired.

Mic cooked a YUMMY lamb stew. Out here, there’s nothing but lamb and yaks.

This morning, we hiked 3,700m and are now heading to Dulan (200kms west) where we will be camping. From now on, it’s camping all the way!

For food, we are eating peanut butter and jam on 3 day old sweet bread for lunch at the lakeside. But forget about the food, it’s been so surreal listening to Carl’s Blues Brothers whilst driving along the beautiful Qinghai scenery.

Tonight we will be staying at 3,700m.