Progress Update- Replacement Mobile Clinic

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Replacement Mobile Clinic

Hooray! News from Qinghai about the replacement Mobile Clinic. It’s hard to get regular updates from the field, as there is so much work to be done there, but I have been chasing on your behalf. I have summarised the last few months…

With the refund money from the first Mobile Clinic (see previous post), a lot of research, test driving of different brands, and correspondence with me, LOVEQTRA has purchased a Maxus 15 seater van, a much better and hardier brand than the first Mobile Clinic. Maxus was originally a joint venture between LDV Group (a British van manufacturer) and General Motors. 

Mock up of Van logo's

Mock up of Van logo’s (Adventure4Aid, Australia logo is inside the red strip, albeit a bit small!)

LOVEQTRA had purchased a Maxus with another donor’s funds and had driven it extensively to and around Golog Prefecture (altitude 4,200m), which is even higher than Yushu (3,800m), where our Mobile Clinic will be put to use.  The engine is powerful and has performed well in high altitude areas.  

The purpose-built fitting out with medical equipment has been completed, and it is being driven from Ningbo Province back to Qinghai Province by two  of their drivers. ETA is 11th July.

Next steps

Once in Qinghai, the vehicle will be registered and all the logos and words put on (see the mock-up of the paint work in the photo above).

LOVEQTRA plans to drive the Mobile Clinic up to Yushu by 25 July, and it will carry their medical team to conduct a month-long medical service tour in hard-to-access villages and surrounding areas.

Remaining funds

Meanwhile, LOVEQTRA has just sent me a report on their medical service, written by their medical team in Yushu. After having it translated, I will pour through that with a fine-toothed comb to see if we are able to put the balance of our funds to their medicinal needs. 

The figures

These are the approximate figures:

$90,000 Amount raised 

$41,000 Sent for first Mobile Clinic

$32,000 Amount refunded from first Mobile Clinic

$40,000 Sent for the replacement Mobile Clinic (New vehicle & purpose-built infitting: $72,000)

$9,000 Amount left over (possibly going towards medicinal needs)